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Teeth whitening – your questions answered

Will I end up with those unnatural-looking ultra white teeth you see on TV?

No. The treatment will make your teeth appear noticeably whiter and cleaner - but not to an 'artificial' degree.

Can I get these whitening treatments on the NHS? No - the NHS does not fund so-called 'cosmetic treatments'. Our special offer for christmas is discounted to only £295– which is for a complete set of trays and a full course of whitening gel. If you would like more information, please contact our reception team, who can arrange for you to speak to your dentist. Will the treatment have to be repeated every year?

There is no need. Once your teeth have been whitened, they remain whiter for some time. Results can readily be maintained, by "topping-up", every so often, or when you may feel you'd like to have a 'top-up' for a special occasion such as a wedding. The cost of "topping-up" is similar to cost of a visit to the hygienist.

Is the procedure different for men?

No. Teeth are teeth!

What else?

The dentist will explain any issues that might affect you before you decide to go ahead. For example, these treatments don't affect white fillings, crowns or replacement teeth. There can be a degree of sensitivity, during the treatments, but this can largely be overcome using desensitising gel, and will fade after a few days. And you must be over 18 – that's the law.

What about "over the counter" products?

Teeth Whitening is popular and that is why there are many over the counter mouth rinse/tooth paste/tooth whitening/bleaching products. But they must not contain or release hydrogen peroxide exceeding 0.1 %.

The Legislation now effectively makes teeth whitening the practice of dentistry. Only qualified dentists and their trained teams can undertake teeth whitening.